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The Wage/Working jukebox has moved to Likewise, 3564 SE Hawthorne

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KYC is excited to partner with AARP Oregon AGAIN for a new tour of Portland's Waterfront, 10/24 10am

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Thanks! Portland Timbers Commmunity Fund honor Jade Journal students.


Reflection on America’s Next Top Candidate Event

Guest post written by Bus Project Executive Director, Nikki Fisher.

I approached Cameron Whitten, Executive Director of Know Your City, months ago about doing a candidate forum targeted at young people and folks in the Portland region. At the time, a ton of young people, including young politicos couldn’t distinguish who was running for mayor and their values. Cameron and I began drafting out a format of the event and to our surprise– folks were excited to engage.

After finishing my event with Cameron on Friday, I’m both thankful for his leadership but also thankful for the level of dedication and commitment Cameron has to ensure the success of his organization but also ours. I think Cameron’s values are directly tied to ensuring our community is a little more engaged and that means a little bit better off.

The most common misconception is that young people don’t vote. Young people vote almost at nearly the rate of older votes but just are not registered. By hosting events like America’s Next Top Candidate– we see young people wanting their elected officials to answer tough questions, they want their elected officials to laugh and have fun and show up.

I had a handful of friends who had never been to any political event before and had planned to leave at 7:30 to watch the basketball game, but ended up staying until the very end. They said it was great to actually see candidates say yes or no to questions. They said it was refreshing to hear them gives answers that mattered about questions they didn’t always have rehearsed answers for. They said it was exciting to see some tiny bit of humanity in each of the candidates.

A lot of people had not made of their mind about candidates, but left feeling like they could make an educated decision. This wouldn’t have happened without the leadership of Cameron and folks at Know Your City. I have a campaign background and often worry about the elections that come down to 3 or 5 people and I know this event will have rippling impacts on our community and this election.

Thanks to those who listened and participated in making this event a huge success.

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Are You Attending the Most Exciting Candidate Event of the Season?


Displaying antcThis Friday at 5:30pm, we’re partnering with the Bus Project to host America’s Next Top Candidate at McMenamin’s Mission Theatre. America’s Next Top Candidate will be an entertaining night of whacky contests and displays of talent, featuring leading candidates for Oregon Secretary of State and Mayor of Portland. We’ll even (occasionally) hear from the candidates on relevant social justice issues, like reducing barriers to voting, institutional racism, and access to a quality education.


We’re expecting a packed house, so get tickets before they sell out.


And if you’re around this afternoon at 4, join us for a DIY Portland Tour!

Programs and Events Calendar:

April 25th, 4pm-6pm: DIY Portland Tour.

April 29th, 5:30pm-8pm: America’s Next Top Candidate.

April 30th, 1pm-3pm: a May Day inspired People’s History of Portland Tour.

May 21st, 1pm-3pm: Hidden History of Albina Tour.


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Announcing a BIG expansion for KYC youth programs!

13022209_10204915496607616_1195094655_n.jpgBig changes are coming to the Jade Journal next year. Last week, Harrison Park students really loved their field trip, free boba tea at Mojo Crepes! Get ready to read their boba tea review in the Jade Journal this June. The youth are testing this week, so Jade Journal is on hiatus. This is the perfect time to announce that thanks to a grant from Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, we will be expanding the Jade Journal into the “Youth Print PDX” program and publishing the Boise Bulletin at Boise-Eliot Humboldt School in the 2016-2017 school year. This is an exciting opportunity to give youth in North and Northeast Portland a stronger voice about what’s happening in their communities.

Want to help us expand Youth Print PDX program to additional schools in the region? Give $10, $25, or $50 today and help more youth find their voice in this community.

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Big thanks to everyone who attended last week’s “Reclaiming Our Histories” panel on inclusive cultural studies. APANO and ALLY introduced their ethnic studies resolution to the PPS Teaching and Learning committee yesterday, and it has been motioned to Board of Directors for consideration. Stay tuned for next steps and let ALLY know you support their work!


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New Tours! We are partnering with Techfest NW on a DIY Portland Tour, this Monday from 4pm to 6pm. We had another great turnout for April’s Hidden History of Albina tour. Join us for our next HHA tour onMay 21st.



We’re supporting August Wilson’s Red Door Project’s “Hands Up” performances, a series of 7 powerful monologues written in response to recent police shootings and the rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The next performances are April 22nd and 23rd at Reed College, with additional performances at Artist Repertory Theatre the week after. Performances are free and open to the public. For more information, visit the Red Door Project website.

Your support keeps us active in the community. Donate now and keep us going.

Programs and Events Calendar:

April 25th, 4pm-6pm: DIY Portland Tour.

April 29th, 5:30pm-8pm: America’s Next Top Candidate.

April 30th, 1pm-3pm: a May Day inspired People’s History of Portland Tour.

May 21st, 1pm-3pm: Hidden History of Albina Tour.

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