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De-Gentrifying Portland, a multimedia event featuring student films, shows Dec 10 and 13. Read about it here.

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The holidays are here! Pick up one of our Holiday Specials at our shop.

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Read about our multilingual newspaper project with youth in East Portland.


volunteer posting: membership coordinator

Are you interested in learning fundraising and development? Here’s your opportunity to join a growing nonprofit organization! Through this internship, you’ll learn hands-on skills, helping in our day-to-day operations, and fulfilling our mission of engaging the public in arts and social justice projects.

KYC is looking for a volunteer Membership Coordinator to assist with its membership and donor management efforts. Volunteership requires approximately 2-8 hours of work/ week, with job responsibilities which include overseeing donor management system database, communicating with donors and manage fundraising campaigns and assisting with organizational outreach and community engagement efforts.

This is a great opportunity to learn hands-on development and fundraising skills at a rapidly growing nonprofit organization. Work is based at our downtown office in historic Union Station, and some work that can be done remotely.

Download the job posting here. We are looking for someone to start as soon as possible, or by January 1, 2015. For more info, email:

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Silkscreened texture of the walls (L) and floor (R) of our classroom at CRCI.

Silkscreened texture of the walls (L) and floor (R) of our classroom at CRCI.

The CRCI Art Workshop is a 12-week collaborative project in which participants will design, create and install a site-specific artwork inside of Columbia River Correction Institution (CRCI), a minimum security men’s facility in North Portland. We’re designing, creating and installing a series of flags – imagine the flags flying above used car lots, flags marking the end of the swimming pool, or Tibetan prayer flags, floating on the wind – and we will hang them throughout the interior and exterior space of CRCI. All participants will also mail flags to people of their choosing on the outside.

Creating artwork that deals with place – which is essentially a core element of Know Your City’s mission – raises complicated questions about visibility (who and what areas are seen as part of the community) and voice (Who defines community? Who speaks, who listens and who is heard?).

Part of the point of this project is to create more awareness of the prison system on a local level: Portland is not just what is represented through Portlandia. I’m still a relative newcomer to town, but the more I learn about Portland, I realize that the history of this place – like most of the United States – is one of policed borders and displaced peoples. The prison industrial complex is a whole world unto itself. If you don’t have a personal connection to some one in jail, you probably have the privilege to literally never see the behemoth that incarcerates over 2.4 million people in the United States. There are close to six hundred men incarcerated in CRCI. This institution and the people in it are a part of the Portland community.

As this project has morphed from a static mural on a wall into an opportunity to create silkscreened multiples that will live in the world in many places, we’ve had some lively discussions. We’ve talked about personal and cultural understandings of flags: as expressions of pride, values, or information; as objects resonant with symbolism; as banners to inspire emotion; as a “logo for a nation;” as semaphore; as tools of inclusion and exclusion; as representations of patriotism and disillusionment. We have discussed tattoos as markers on the body that can carry meaning for two different types of audiences. Some ink has meaning only to the person who wears it – a personal reminder or message; tattoos can also serve to communicate information or ideas to an external audience. We decided that the flags we create will consider what messages, meaning and information the artists want to share with an internal audience at the prison, but also with folks on the outside. These will not be the flags of conquerors, claiming ownership or land; these flags will be crossing borders of inside and outside, and hopefully making all of us (re)consider our own role in and relationship to the prison industrial complex.

On Wednesday, we started to design the flags. We didn’t get very far because halfway through the workshop, there was an institution-wide lockdown because a tool from the shop was missing. Since I can’t share any design brainstorm images yet, the photo I’m including in the post is a sample silkscreen of two textures created a few weeks ago. We spent some time making rubbings of all the surfaces in our classroom using graphite and newsprint. The textures provide a different way to see the inside of CRCI.

Look for more updates on the CRCI mural project soon. Don’t forget: Know Your City is in the middle of our Fall Membership Drive and when you sign up to be member, you directly support our work like the CRCI Mural Project. As a member, you’ll be able to delve deeper into this project through a talk back about the project and we’re working to make the show open to all members. Make sure we can continue these critical placemaking programs – sign up to be a member of Know Your City now.

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KYC Holiday Specials: Gifts that show you love your city

Holiday Specials from your friends at Know Your City


KYC Comics Special – all KYC comics for just $50!

Stumped by holiday shopping? KYC has got you covered! We’ve created special gift packages so you can give everyone on your list a little something that shows you love your city – and they will too. We put together 6 Holiday Specials with our friends in mind. There’s something for every taste: music, art, history and more!

Know Your City Comics  $50 This special includes KYC comic box sets, Oregon History Comics Vol. 1-10 and Comics for Change! These two box sets contain a collection of 20 stories highlighting the state’s history of activism and little-known stories, and features the work of local authors and artists. This special also includes recent KYC comics Tom McCall & the Vortex and Don’t Move Out!

KYC Flare $30 Wear your Portland and KYC pride on your sleeve! Includes a ‘Stumpton Shirt,’ designed by local artist Justin Scrappers Morrison; the Know Your City logo button; and a logo tote, perfect for carrying around some comics!

totallyportland_largeTotally Portland $35 What makes Portland so…Portland? This holiday special has the answer! KYC’s Art for the Millions, a guide to some of Portland’s most notable public works projects from the Works Progress Administration (WPA); Carye Bye’s Museums and Collections, an up-to-date guide to Portland’s hidden attractions. Also included is Portlandia: A Guide for Visitors (cheeky!); Zinester’s Guide to Portland (low/no-budget fun in PDX!) and This is Portland: The City You’ve Heard You Should Like, a recent transplants’ impression of the city. Extra treat: a Keep Portland Weird! magnet!

Seedy, Seamy, Sinful Portland $45 Looking for the Portland not shown on TV? This holiday special includes Portland Confidential: Sex, Crime and Corruption in the Rose City (need we say more?), plus two Know Your City mini-comics, Lives of Loggers and Walter Cole telling the stories of 2 different Portland pioneers – Simon Benson and Darcelle! Plus a Keep Portland Weird! sticker!

Old Town / Chinatown $50 Dig deep into Portland’s multicultural past with our  Streets of Chinatown mini-comic andSweet Cakes, Long Journeya terrific book on the history and development of Portland’s Chinatown. Then get to know 2 Portland activists who have raised the level of dignity for the people living hard in Old Town: KYC’s Comics for Change! #4 Genny Nelson and #5 Ibrahim Mubarak. Find out more about Portland’s activist past in Portland Red Guide.

singasongSing A Song of Portland! $60 Here’s a holiday package full of treasures that highlight our fair city’s musical heritage and culture. Find 2 CDs of local music, Friends & Friends of Friends, and PDX Pop Now!, a copy of Jumptown: the Golden Years of Portland Jazz, 1942-1957 (CD included!), The Life and Death of the X-Ray Cafe mini-comic and a KYC logo tote bag that neatly fits your vinyl purchases.


Find out how to purchase these specials and more information about our publications at our KYC shop.

Happy Holidays from Know Your City!


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