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Pledge to the #supportkyc Kickstarter fundraising drive and keep us going strong into's critical to our success!

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Our walking tours leave every Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sunday at 10am & 1pm...details here!

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View photos and read about KYC's newest placemkaing project at CRCI prison with artist Emily Squires here.

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Our new comic resource Know Your Rights: Don't Get Evicted! is out now...purchase now.


#supportkyc kickstarter video now online!

Thanks everyone who pledged their support to the #supportkyc Kickstarter campaign, helping us get to 28% of our fundraising goal in the first week. Special thanks goes out to Daniel Mateo Bevington and Josh Blount for their help with the campaign video. Check out the video above and share with your friends!

We need everyone’s help in getting to our goal of $10,000 by July 31st. We’ve introduced a range of new projects – which these funds will support – and this fundraising drive is critical to our future. Check out the great rewards and pledge your support now.

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Contribute to our Kickstarter and ensure our sustainability into 2016

louie louie
Dear Supporters,

Yesterday, Know Your City celebrated our six year anniversary. It’s been a great adventure, and has far surpassed any expectations we had when we began. One of the greatest joys about working here has been seeing so many bright, creative people come to us with their ideas: resulting in youth programs, tours, publications and so much more that have a great impact on our community in so many ways.

During our short history, we’ve produced hundreds of programs – including publishing a community newspaper with 5th graders in East Portland, creating an art installation by and for prisoners, teaching community members how to make documentaries about gentrification, leading walking, bike, and bus tours all over the city, making a free, interactive phone app – and so much more. We’ve worked with more than 90 nonprofit organizations, bringing together diverse audiences interested in the arts, history and social justice. We’ve done all this on the smallest shoestring of budgets, with just 1.5 FTE employees working out of our tiny office (and many, many volunteers!).

Despite these accomplishments, Know Your City stands at a critical juncture. Last year, with foundational support, we were able grow our programs and hire an additional staff person – but this year we need to sustain our growth through individual giving. You can help us in ensuring that this transition is sustainable. We need the support of our entire community to keep being a vital source for inspiration and social change, and your contribution will enable us to introduce a new crop of social justice projects so everyone can be valued in creating our place called Portland.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.04.39 PM

Last Thursday, we officially launched our Kickstarter campaign at “The World’s Largest Louie, Louie Sing-A-Long” on the steps of City Hall. The event honored the song “Louie, Louie” and its unlikely connection to Portland, and featured surviving members of The Kingsmen, young women from Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls, a 50 person senior citizen marching band replete with cheerleaders, special doughnuts, an official city proclamation and so much more. In case you missed it, watch the nice video and write up on Oregon Live, and see photos on our Facebook page.

We’re off to a good start – already at 23% of our goal but the bottom line is we need to raise $10,000 in the next month in order to ensure our success and sustainability. In addition to supporting a range of new initiatives, the money raised from this drive will directly support our activities so that we can keep going strong into next year. By backing our newest projects, you’ll be helping us in this critical phase —and, of course, you’ll be getting some pretty amazing stuff from us and our generous community of artists and friends (check out awesome rewards such as original artwork, photo portraits, Portlandia posters signed by Fred and Carrie and much, much more).

Please contribute to our Kickstarter. Then, help spread the word, through social media, email, or by just telling your friends! This is what grassroots organizing is all about: it takes everyone pitching in to sustain a community-driven project. Join us in showing your support of Know Your City, and ensuring a bright future ahead for the organization.

Again, that link to pitch in is here. If you value Know Your City and the service we provide, please contribute generously so that we can continue providing our programs. We thank you in advance.

Sincerely yours,

Marc Moscato
Executive Director, Know Your City

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(VIDEO): A People’s History of Portland Free Walking Tour

A special heartfelt thanks goes out to Jay Lee and Stanley Fonesca for their work on a new promo video for our A People’s History of Portland tour. Check out the video above and share with your friends!

Before Portland was known for Portlandia, bikes and brews, the foundations of the city were built by immigrant laborers. A People’s History of Portland introduces Portland’s immigrant and working class heroes, celebrating our city’s social activists and movements. This tour tells Portland’s story from the point of view of – and in the words of – the Chinese, Japanese, African American, Jewish, and LGBT communities that are often left out of mainstream conversations about Portland. Led by fun and engaging tour guides, A People’s History of Portland invites you to take a closer look at the city you’ve heard so much about.

Tours are free and leave every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 10AM. More info about the tours on our tours page.

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