Perfect Pickle 2012–who decides?

Who will reign the Perfect Pickler?

We are just days away from the 2nd Annual Perfect Pickle (this Monday! Holocene!) and we wanted to demystify the awarding of Portland’s Top Pickler of the Year. Who decides? Who are these  fermentation fiends? What are their qualifications?

This year, we have been very lucky to procure some of the smartest and saltiest judges, including:

  • Byron Beck, of
  • Dave “Killer Bread” Dahl
  • Erin deJesus, of EATERPDX
  • Anne Marie DiStefano, of Bread and Brew
  • Lola Milholland, of Edible Portland

This year we also look forward to our new Perfect Pickle category: “People’s Choice” and all of you pickle aficionados will get your chance to taste and judge this most prestigious accolade.

Check out our profiles of our judges (w/ bios and pics) after the jump!

Byron Beck: Byron Beck is a self proclaimed “Internet Talk Show Host/Blog Guy/Contributor who serves up the latest gossip, news, rants and raves.” Now the former Willamette Week columnist and man-about-town can add “talk radio show host” to his resume which will launch on KXL Feb. 13.


Erin deJesus, EaterPDX: Erin DeJesus is a pop-culture obsessed writer and editor whose work — about everything from indie all-girl choirs to DIY-ing a loved one’s funeral — has appeared in publications like BustBicycling, and More Intelligent Life. Since 2011, she’s been the editor of Eater PDX, the Portland restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog. Read up at

Anne Marie DiStefano


Anne Marie DiStefano, Bread and Brew: Anne Marie DiStefano is a freelance writer, writer’s assistant, and the restaurant critic for the Portland Tribune. Her column, Bread & Brew, appears every second week. Her celebrity judging experience includes the amateur potato cooking contest at the Oregon State Fair and Lompoc Brewing’s Chowder Challenge.

Dave "Killer Bread" Kah



Dave “Killer Bread” Kahl

Dave’s story: “I was a four time loser before I realized I was in the wrong game. 15 years in prison is a pretty tough way to find oneself, but I have no regrets. This time around, I took advantage of all those long and lonely days by practicing my guitar, exercising, and getting to know myself–without drugs. To my utter amazement, I started liking what I was seeing. It’s been said adversity introduces a man to himself, and I found this to be true. A whole lot of suffering has transformed an ex-con into an honest man who is doing his best to make the word a better place…one loaf of bread at a time.”

Lola Milholland, Edible Portland: Lola Milholland is the assistant editor of Edible Portland, a publication of the nonprofit Ecotrust. She has a super intense interest in food that she has explored in stories for Edible Portland, meatpaper and Gastronimica. She is really excited about a multi-media project she is working on this coming year called Oregon Mushroom Stories.

With judges this good, you won’t want to miss out! Don’t forget to get your tickets here.
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