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win all this incredible stuff at tomorrow’s peripheries party

It’s happening! The Peripheries Preview Party kicks off at 7pm tomorrow (Thursday, August 16th) and we couldn’t be more excited to talk about the upcoming tour schedule. Head to the event listing to get the program schedule and all the party details. This party is our way of expressing our appreciation for our members as […]

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vote on sites for know your city app!

We’re making good progress on our Know Your City: Portland’s Social History App project. Recently, we mailed all of the Kickstarter thank you packages – even the ones to Switzerland and Australia! We wanted to take a moment to thank each and everyone one of you for supporting this project over the last couple years. […]

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dill pickle walking tours (preview)

As part of my summer internship, I’ve been working for the last several weeks with DPC staff to coordinate a new series of recurring walking tours…and we wanted to give our blog readers an inside look at what’s in store for late summer/ fall. Dill Pickle Walking Tours will be a series of four recurring […]

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