chinatown/ old town tour

Old Town/ Chinatown Tour

With Reiko Hillyer

While today Portland is known as one of the whitest cities in the U.S., its multicultural and immigrant history is rich and storied. Old Town/ Chinatown shows the challenges faced by Portland’s ethnic communities, as well as their many contributions to the city’s economy, industry and culture. Topics covered by this tour include Portland’s first African American community, Japan Town, Chinatown and more. Focusing on the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, this tour charts Portland’s urban development, and how these transformations created the city we know today.

Tour Guide Biography
Reiko Hillyer is a professor at Lewis & Clark College, where she teaches courses in African American history and urban history. A native New Yorker, Reiko is a former guide for Big Onion Walking Tours in New York City, and loves getting to know cities by understanding how to read their landscapes. She earned her undergraduate degree at Yale University and her PhD from Columbia University.

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