Perfect Pickler #3 Lutz Tavern: old-school meets new-school

The 3rd Annual Perfect Pickle event is just days away – this Tuesday, February 12th…get tickets here!.
At the event, we supply 9 esteemed local restaurants with 12 pounds of local cucumbers and mason jars. The pickles are open for tasting, and judged by notable celebrities and the public at large. The evening is set to a backdrop of a local music and entertainment, with proceeds benefiting our mission.

All this week we’ll be featuring short interviews with our contending chefs this year. Today’s featured restaurant is Lutz Tavern, a well known haunt of the Woodstock neighborhood since 1947.  The bar and restaurant closed and reopened in 2011 with Clinton Street Pub owners Jayson Criswell and Robert Kowalski at the helm. Keeping the important elements this beloved venue is known for: strong drinks, a friendly atmosphere and Blitz beer, this version of the Lutz has upped their game, both in drink and food. They now offer a new, more modern menu and hand made bitters (we will have some to auction off at the event!). We caught up with Amanda Umefey, who let us in on her old-school pickling philosophy.

1. Tell us a few words about yourself and your cooking philosophy.
I’ve been interested in cooking for as long as I can remember, though aside from learning how to chop an onion properly the great successes in my home kitchen didn’t come until adulthood. In the age of convenience I deeply value food that takes time, from aging cheese to putting up what seems like a thousand pounds of tomatoes in the summer. I enjoy forming a relationship with my food over this time, it makes for extra fireworks on the palette.

2. Describe your Perfect Pickle entries for 2013.
They are ultra thick coins of cucumber in a sweet and tangy brine made with bourbon, whole smoked cumin seeds, brown sugar, and some of the usual suspects.

3. Why are you participating in this event?
For fun of course! Really though, I believe in community through food and I think this is a nice way to get nerdy with the neighbors.

4. Why should you be crowned “Pickler of the Year”?
You have to try these pickles. Seriously.

You won’t want to miss this event! Don’t forget – free entrance to the Perfect Pickle is a benefit of membership. Join at just $50 and above for a year, and save $15 (the ticket price) immediately! Join now and we’ll put you on the “VIP” list! Not quite ready to become a member but want to attend the event? Learn more about the event and buy tickets here.

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