In the News

Zuhl, J. (2013, December 12). Social justice mavericks featured in new comics series. Street Roots.

Suo, S. (2013, November 12). Know Your City fundraiser in Portland’s Ankeny Alley tonightOregonian

Hottman, S. (2013, August 9). Know Your City to join Old Town’s Ankeny Alley with information kiosk. Oregonian.

Thomas, J. (2013, June 18). Comics and causes collide in foreclosure resistance poster. Street Roots.

Waterhouse, B. (2013, May 24). Grit and Grace: Through his documentary films, Brian Lindstrom B.S.’84 brings marginalized lives to light. Lewis & Clark Chronicle.

Korn, P. (2013, February 28). In Character with Marc Moscato. Portland Tribune.

Hallett, A. (2013, February 6). Picklers No More: The Dill Pickle Club Refocuses and Rebrands. Portland Mercury.

Koffman, R. (2012, September 18). Dill Pickle Club’s new bus tours explore Portland’s margins. Oregonian.

Spitaleri, E. (2012, April 26). Oregon history gets a little comic twist: Sarah Mirk takes a novel approach to little-known state events. Portland Tribune.

Skinner, M. (2012, March 1). Bite Sized: Oregon History Comics: Learning Doesn’t Get Easier. Portland Mercury.

Smith, J. (2012, February 6). Second Annual Perfect Pickle (video). KGW Live at 7.—Second-Annual-Perfect-Pickle-138826734.html

Jarman, C. (2011, November 30). Progress Without Pepper Spray: How a burger baron, four indie rockers, a bleeding-heart Muslim and a group of trash tour guides are fighting for the 99%. Willamette Week.

Bell, I. (2011, November 30). Where Portland’s Food Gets Composted (video). Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Stangel, M. (2011, March 31). Reboot. The Dill Pickle Club Looks to the Past to Look to the Future. Portland Mercury.

Smith, J. (2011, February 7). Dill Pickle Club looks for the perfect pickle (video). KGW Live at 7.–115533499.html

House, K. (2011, February 6). Dill Pickle Club auctions preserved cucumbers in the name of local education. The Oregonian.

Distefano, A.M. (2010, October 21). Mmmm! Club sinks its teeth into state culture. Quirky Portland group offers a different view of region’s education, history. Portland Tribune.

Brown, R. (2010, September 29). A Kick In The Arts. With Kickstarter, local entrepreneurs turn to friends and internet partrons to fund their dreams. Willamette Week.

Turnquist, K. (2010, August 27). ‘Northwest Passage’ celebrates 50 years of Portland indie music. The Oregonian.

Robinson, R. (2010, August 05). Power Trip. Tracing the Sources of Portland’s Energy. Portland Mercury.

Rommelman, N. (2010, June 25). Mark Moscato’s Dill Pickle Club (a Chicago throwback) is organizing tours of Oregon’s forgotten history. The Oregonian.

Stangel, M. (2009, December 3). Preserving History. The Dill Pickle Club Revives a Long-Forgotten Arts Institution. Portland Mercury.

Clarke, K. (2009, December 2). Field Trips For Grownups. The Dill Pickle Club wants you.  Willamette Week.

Perry, D. (2009, August 21). How are things made? Find out with Dill Pickle Club. The Oregonian.

Carlin, P. A. (2009, July 28). A bicycling tour connects one tough economic time to another. The Oregonian.