About Us

Know Your City engages the public in art and social justice through creative placemaking projects. Our programs and publications aim to educate people to better know their communities, and to empower them to take action. 

Organization Core Values

  • amplify under-represented voices
  • focus on experts with first-hand knowledge
  • present information in non-authoritative platforms
  • include multiple perspectives
  • focus on controversial and timely issues
  • accessible to all (price and otherwise)
  • democratic and participatory decision-making
  • empowerment of members
  • substantive programs with high-level of information
  • participation from people of all ages and walk of life
  • fun, culturally-oriented programs to better understand often-dry policy

Equity Principle
Know Your City is committed to respecting and honoring differences and commonalities in ethnicity, race, economic background, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability and religious affiliation. Our organization is comprised of diverse individuals who value inclusivity with the development and implementation of educational place-making projects. Our democratically structured programs and publications amplify under-represented voices within communities disproportionately impacted by oppression, prejudice, and discrimination. We believe, through embracing diversity, people become more empowered to take effective action for justice.

Areas of Measurement

  • Organization – Inclusive of people from various racial, ethnic, age, and economic backgrounds as well as gender identities, sexual orientations, physical abilities and religious affiliations.
  • Process – Create programs and publications through democratic processes grounded in community involvement.
  • Programs and Publications – Empower under-represented community stakeholders retaining first-hand knowledge and experience to develop programs and publications.
  • Justice – Promote member and community engagement with controversial and timely issues leading to substantive organizing and action.

Inclusion Principle
Know Your City promotes diversity as a foundation for effectively educating and empowering involvement with social justice.

Areas of Measurement

  • Diversity – Prioritize diversity within membership, staff, Board of Directors, interns, volunteers and community partner relations.
  • Democracy – Actively promote member and community involvement in developing programming and publications while encouraging continued member and community input.
  • Community – Programs and publications empower people to take action through focusing on social justice issues within communities disproportionately impacted by inequities, prejudice and discrimination.
  • Access – Policies promote programming and organizational involvement that is open to and inclusive of all.