Hidden History of Albina

RSVP Here Know Your City presents the Hidden History of Albina tour. Tour destinations include public art, historic buildings, and green spaces.       The Boise and Eliot neighborhoods in North Portland are rich in diverse history and culture,serving as the historic heart of Portland’s African American community. Over the past few decades, dramatic […]

Fresh Grounds Coffee Tour

RSVP Here Local matters a lot in Portland’s business culture, especially when it comes to coffee. As a city well known for it’s coffee roasters and cafes, Portland has been a major player in the speciality coffee scene for decades. Fresh Grounds is a walking tour that explores this addicting industry with coffee innovators who […]

People’s History of Portland Tour

RSVP Here A People’s History of Portland” is a walking tour that highlights the lesser known stories of Portland’s immigrants, social activists, and working class heroes. Before Portland was known for Portlandia, bikes and brews, the foundations of the city were built by immigrant laborers.This tour tells Portland’s story from the point of view of […]