KYC has organized a variety of creative placemaking projects that use art and social justice to help the public better understand their city and connect to place.

KYC Projects have included:

Wage/Working (More info coming soon)
Wage/Working is an oral history project organized in conjunction with artists Laura Hadden and Tennessee Watson that addresses income inequality in the workplace through a traveling jukebox. The project will consist of a series of audio interviews of workers in Portland that will be edited to the length of time it takes the worker to earn $1 – giving those who earn the least the most time to speak, while drawing attention to the contrast in income. Stories will be compiled to create albums that are placed inside of a vintage jukebox that will travel to three diverse locations in Portland.

30 Flags
In this 12-week art workshop, participants designed, created and installed a site-specific artwork inside of Columbia River Correctional Institute, a minimum-security facility near the airport, in collaboration with artist Emily Squires during Spring 2015. Through reading, writing and art-making activities, participants explored the concept of place: from the specificity and regulations of inside to the physical and emotional dislocation from outside. This resulted in the production of 60 sets of Tibetan flags, installed throughout the prison.

PDX Social History Guide
KYC’s PDX Social History Guide, is a free app and website in which users can listen to stories about the city’s multicultural heritage at various locations in downtown Portland. Using stories, mapping and smartphone technology, PDX Social History Guide has been downloaded more than 2,500 in its first two years.

KYC has hosted several community lecture series to better connect people to the city and its civic and cultural life. Featuring presenters from multiple perspectives, lectures provide an open and interactive learning environment for all ages on a broad range of social issues and humanities topics.

Projects are made possible, in part, by individual members and donors. For more information on supporting Know Your City, click here.