30 Flags/ CRCI Art Project

Columbia River Correction Institution

photo of CRCI building by Gino Corridori

In this 12-week art workshop, participants designed, created and installed a site-specific mural inside of Columbia River Correctional Institute (CRCI), in collaboration with artist Emily Squires during Spring 2015. CRCI is a minimum-security facility near the airport. KYC is committed to using art as a placemaking tool to amplify under-represented voices in our community.

Through reading, writing, and art-making activities, participants will explore the concept of place: from the specificity and regulations of inside (CRCI as an institution, the interior rooms and exterior yard, the bunk) to the physical and emotional dislocation from outside (Portland, home, location prior to incarceration).

Emily Squires’ multidisciplinary art practice investigates themes such as voice, participation, and love, and uses art-making primarily as a tool for education. Her work, bridging printmaking, installation, appropriation, political activism, and social practice, is known for engaging and generating creative communities. She can be reached at www.emilysquires.com or @rogue_fireball.

This project is supported by a grant from Vital Projects Fund.