Lectures Know Your City designs lectures to provide better understanding of issues of importance to Portland. Featuring presenters from multiple perspectives, lectures provide an open and interactive learning environment for all ages. With a broad range of social issues and humanities topics, our lectures aim to better connect people to the city and its civic and cultural life.

Annual Lecture Series
Each year, KYC brings its programming inside for its annual lecture series. Previous lecture series have included:

  • A Place Called Home 2012 (examining the history of filmmaking in Portland)
  • PDX Re-Print 2011 (examining out of print books on Portland)
  • Northwest Passage 2010 (examining the history of Pacific Northwest independent music).

Responsive Lectures
Responsive Lectures arise from pressing issues in the community, and are run similarly to our annual lecture series. In accordance with our core values, we aim to be able to respond to timely, topical issues. Previous Responsive Lectures include The 99%: A Teach-in on Occupy Portland.

Lecture programs are made possible, in part, by individual members and donors. For more information on supporting Know Your City, click here.