Know Your City publishes a wide range of Portland books and publications. KYC publications document information gathered from our tours and lectures and make history and contemporary issues publicly accessible. To create these publications, KYC has worked with local artists and writers, graphic designers and illustrators – Daniel Duford, Nicole Georges, Sarah Mirk, Jesse Reklaw, Khris Soden and many, many more.

Looking for the perfect Portland gift? We have you covered. KYC publications are currently sold in more than a dozen stores in Portland, with several outside the area. Publications can also be purchased here at our store. Publications are made possible, in part, by individual members and donors. For more information on supporting Know Your City, click here.

Oregon History Comics: Illustrated Stories of Oregon’s Little-Known Past
Ten stories about Oregon’s history. Ten Oregon illustrators. Ten excellent history comics! Bitch Magazine Online Editor Sarah Mirk and Know Your City proudly present Oregon History Comics: 10 short comic books telling little-known stories from our state’s history. From women’s suffrage in Oregon to the tragic Vanport Flood to the legendary all-ages venue, the X-Ray Café, this box set presents oft-dry histories in an exciting and accessible format — through bold illustrations from some of Portland’s best and brightest comics illustrators. Whether you’re a history buff or just a casual comics reader, you’ll find value in Oregon History Comics as a way of learning more about why Oregon is the way it is today.

kyrKnow Your Rights: Don’t Get Evicted!
What do you do if you get evicted? The evictions process can be scary. It doesn’t have to be – and our new comic Know Your Rights: Don’t Get Evicted! will help you know your legal rights as a renter. Know Your City partnered with Community Alliance of Tenants (CAT) in a year long collaboration, working to gather personal accounts of eviction and resistance. Each story has “CAT Tips”, advice from CAT on how to handle different obstacles described in the comic. These stories engage and educate tenants and non-tenants alike, acting as a reference to understand the process of eviction, and covering essential topics such as how to respond to a termination notice, what do do if you are locked out by your landlord, or what to expect if you need to go to evictions court.

Jade Journal #1
During Fall 2014, Know Your City worked with Graphic Designer and Educator Travis Neel and Tim Schulze’s 5th grade class at Harrison Park School to produce Jade Journal. Over the course of 12-weeks, students studied their immediate SE 82nd Ave neighborhood and create a free, multilingual newspaper that is informed by their study. With articles ranging from profiles on local businesses to editorials on racism, the lack of sidewalks and inadequate parks, the first issue of Jade Journal was a great success. 6,000 copies were printed and distributed primarily in the neighborhood, available in English, Spanish and Chinese. The paper both acknowledges the need for greater equity in neighborhoods east of SE 82nd Ave, while celebrating the area’s rich cultural diversity.

frontComics For Change! Illustrated Stories From Oregon’s Front Lines
A woman who started a self-empowered soup kitchen for the homeless. A man who never stopped advocating for the African American community. A group who fights to protect Oregon forests from logging corporations. These stories have one thing in common: they celebrate people who are making Oregon a better place for everyone. This publication collects 10 excellent mini-comics in one box set by some of Portland’s best comic writers and illustrators. Whether you’re a die hard activist or have a new interest in social justice and art, you’ll be inspired to learn more and take action from Know Your City’s Comics for Change!

DSC_0007Tom McCall & the Vortex
Building off the success of our Oregon History Comics series, Tom McCall & the Vortex chronicles the life and times of former Governor Tom McCall. Written by Sarah Mirk and illustrated by Daniel Duford, the comic examines the legacy of the Oregon politician – including McCall’s well-known visionary environmental accomplishments, as well as some of his political controversies – including his role in the Vortex Festival, a state-sponsored rock festival modeled after Woodstock and Altamont.



Don’t Move Out! Foreclosure resistance in Portland
Don’t Move Out! is the first in a series of fold-out posters KYC is creating that aims to add vitality to crucial debates about Portland’s future, while creating opportunities for designers to engage with social issues. The full-color over-sized poster unfolds in a map-style layout, and is intricately illustrated by comic artist Jesse Reklaw. The poster, produced in conjunction with We Are Oregon, is translated in Spanish on the back.





Walls Of Pride: A Tour of African American Public Art in Portland – SOLD OUT!

Walls of Pride provides a self-guided tour to twenty of the city’s African American public artworks through color photos, a detailed map, mural descriptions and artist bios. The book gives context to these vital works through interviews with artists Adriene Cruz, Henry Frison and Isaka Shamsud-Din, and and a transcribed conversation between history professor Reiko Hillyer and curator Robin Dunitz. Walls of Pride at once celebrates Portland’s African American art, while underscoring the need to preserve these oft-overlooked cultural contributions.



Northwest Passage: 50 Years of Independent Music from the Rose City 
Northwest Passage is an 88-page book and audio CD highlighting the history of Portland’s burgeoning independent music scene. Through oral history, essays and photos, the publication documents the organization’s successful music lecture series, with contributions from: The Dill Pickle Club, Mississippi Records, Oregon Historical Musical Society, PDX Pop Now!, Joe Kregal, Ural Thomas, Valerie Brown, Fred & Toody Cole, Vanessa Renwick & Erin Yanke, Calvin Johnson and Cool Nutz.



Art for the Millions: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA
Art for the Millions is a 28-page guided tour of Portland public works projects of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), a federally-funded program that provided relief to millions of idle workers during the height of the Great Depression. Detailing over nine WPA sites in the Portland metro area, the booklet includes an introductory essay and a list of WPA resources. Also included is a link to an audio podcast featuring interviews with David Millholand, Ginny Allen, Nina Olsson, Mark Humpal and Margaret Bullock on the WPA’s impact in Oregon.